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What is Forex?

Forex is a multi-trillion dollar industry that consists of trading one country's currency for another. This is essential in global trade - which is what makes it such a large market. An understandable example would be if you were someone living in the United States and wished to visit Mexico. You would have to convert your Dollars for Pesos to conduct any sort of business in that country. In this example say you spent no money on your trip. When you exchanged your money back to Dollars you could be given more money than what you went in with. In short - this is what Forex trading is. Luckily, we don't have to actually travel to different countries because brokerages will offer you that service in exchange for a small fee per trade. 

How Long Have You Been Trading?

I have been working on this skill for a total of 7 years. I began practicing trading stocks in high school, but didn't find Forex and Indices trading until college. I spent the majority of my college hours working on trading.

What is The Difference Between The Academy & VIP?

The Trading Academy is a simple and effective way to trade the markets using the Division One Trading Market Maker Based System, there are two weekly zooms for answering questions and additional teachings. The D1 VIP Academy is a more advanced and complicated way to trade the market, this utilizes the same system as The Trading Academy, but with more complexity to offer a wider range of trading possibilities. The VIP Academy is aimed at teaching you to manage a 100k funded account.

How Do We Trade?

I teach my unique style of trading based on my 6 years of experience trading in the markets. I have taken all of the things that weren't working for me at first, and figured out all of the reasons why I was losing. Instead of trying to use retail techniques - I went in search of how the best traders in the industry do it and have now developed my own personal style after spending two years studying Institutional-based traders. Everything that you learn in my course cannot be found in retail books or in YouTube videos.

What Do We Trade?

At Division One Trading - I focus mainly on Forex pairs which are my personal favorite. Although Forex is my focus, I also trade US30 / SPX500 / XAUUSD / & USOIL. Luckily, once you learn how to mark up a chart in this course you can trade any pair in any market - including stocks!

When Do We Trade?

*All Times Are Central* We will be trading during the London Session 2am-3:45am & the New York Session 8am-10:30am - so you can still learn to trade if you are working while you learn. 

How Much Money Am I Going To Make?

It is important to know that Forex trading is a high risk market and that you should never invest more than you are willing to lose. Forex trading typically requires a steep learning curve as well, so it is best to focus on learning proper demo trading than actually putting live funds to work immediately. Everything will depend on your personal style and account size so there is no exact figure that can be put on this question.

How Much Time Will I Get To Learn From You?

That depends which group you decide to join, the Academy will have opportunity to ask questions every Monday & Wednesday during live calls and during the two trading sessions throughout the week. The VIP Academy will virtually have 24/7 access to my personal number and email for anything that they may need.

How Big Is Your Stop Loss?

A typical stop loss for the style I trade is anywhere from 5-15 pips with an average being around 8-10 pips per trade. Although this is what is taught the Stop Loss in the signals will vary due to the nature of these trading methods

What is the cost?

Price Ranges vary from 197/month to 349/month as well as a 1-on-1 package for $6,500 - check out the packages link below to see exact packages and what is included with them

If You Have Any Specific Questions Or Would Like An Elaboration On Anything Feel Free To Send Me An Email In The Template Below, Thanks.

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