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Hello & Welcome to Division One Trading! My name is Tyler and I'm the Owner and Head Trader of Division One Trading.

I've been trading for the last 6 years; I first started after I graduated from high school. When I was in school,I always has an interest in trading, so I bought my first stock at 16 year old. I made $75 on a bio-medical stock and was instantly hooked! I knew I wanted to become a trader one day. The problem was I didn't know where to start.

After high school, I went to Texas Southern University on full football scholarship as a Long Snapper. I was doing well in my classes and enjoyed playing football but I just felt like something was missing. My business classes were uninspiring and I just couldn't help but feel like there was something more out there for me. I knew that a degree would help me get a good job, but I was more interested in becoming my own boss rather than working for someone else. I started spending more and more time focusing on the craft of trading. Balancing school, football, and trading was no easy task. After about a year of free YouTube tutorials I really figured out that all that stuff was cheap basics that don't even work. I almost gave up, but I knew if this was what I really wanted then I was going to have to push through to achieve my goals and be successful. I'm thankful I chose not to back down. Ultimately, I got real with myself and realized I needed to find some help. I began taking paid course after paid course, finding mentors, and soaking up as much as I could. 

Now 4 years later, I have created my own profitable system that has enabled me to be my own boss and wake up loving what I do everyday!

Im confident that, no matter where you are in your trading journey, there is something in the Division One Trading Academy that will elevate your trading to a new level.


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This is a more in-depth interview of my story from my very first day of trading up until December 2020. We discussed how I got started in trading, what motivated me to do that, and some highlights of VIP students who have passed the 100,000 and 300,000 FTMO Live Capital Challenges

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Signals Package


The Division One Signals Package is aimed at giving traders great trade ideas to test on their Demo Accounts. These are Live Signals sent to traders in the market so that they can get an idea exactly when to enter trades, how to manage them, when to take profits, and when to take a loss. These trading signals typically consist of 15-20 pip Stop Losses and 30-90 pip Winning Targets. These trade signals are sent out via the Discord app. Although these signals may be highly accurate it is important to consult a Licensed Financial Advisor before pursuing any form of Live Trading in the market to determine if Forex Trading is right for you. Never risk more capital than you are openly willing to lose

2020 Signals Results

Academy Students

Trading Academy 

The Division One Trading Academy will help you develop as a trader and shortcut the long process of trying to figure how to profitably trade Forex.

This course comes with videos on everything you will ever need as a trader - as well as two additional teachings from me personally each week. This is where we will dive in depth into how Market Makers use the market to their advantage and out of ours. We do this through breaking the entire market down into smaller sections that we can focus on and then go from there. There are approximately 40+ hours of total material for your access 24/7.

Academy Student Testimonials

Nathan, T

Avondale, AZ

Nhyria, Q


Tracy, J

St. Petersburg, FL

Over the time that I've been in Tyler's mentorship, I've learned in depth about the market and how the little things make up the big picture. I've started to improve on my trades and my way of trading has changed completely. I'm continuing to grow and better my mindset through the mentorship and I'm grateful for it and for him. Only going up from here!

When I first started Tyler's mentorship I quickly realized I did not know as much about trading as I thought I did. I was basically playing a guessing game in the market which led to a lot of inconsistency in my trading. Now that I am learning his style of trading, I see and approach the market differently. I have grown a tremendous amount since joining the academy. Currently, I am in the process of becoming a full-time trader.

P.S. - You will not find many other mentors that will teach you how to effectively trade using only a 5-10 pip Stop Loss.

As a beginner I was set out to find someone who was seasoned in the market and could teach me the methods of trading from the ground up with hands-on experience - and Tyler was the guy. I've been learning and developing as a trader personally with Tyler for a year now, and with even more intense training through his 1-on-1 mentorship for almost 6 months now. I can attest to my growth in the market, the ability to have a trained eye to what's going on, and where my eyes should be on the charts. He has helped me develop the most important attitude to trading which is patience and taking the setups that meet the qualifications that he teaches. I've been looking for somewhere to share my development over time, grateful to do it here! #DIVISION1TRADING

Academy Video List:

Getting Started

Intro - 13:49

What You Will Need - 3:35

Getting Started - 3:44

SH Templates - 5:12

Mobile Setup - 6:01

Setting The Foundation

PHPL - 2:31

Trend Lines - 6:41

DZ Basics - 10:14

Supply/Demand - 7:00

Divergence - 5:45

Arch Trades - 5:10

BZ strategy - 6:00

Moving Averages - 8:52

Higher TF - 12:39

BZ Strategy Bonus - 40:42

Fibs, Liquidity, & Price

Fibs - 7:31

Price Action - 13:00

Liquidity - 9:06

Time - 5:22

SH - 7:43

Market Structure Drill - 11:09

High Accuracy Price Action - 16:02

Management & Psychology

Risk Management - 11:34

Account Sizing - 24:42

Account Management - 4:37

Psychology - 23:36

Managing A Trade - 24:23

How To Get Funded

Steps - 4:09

Mastering A Pair - 9:00

Flash Cards

Pattern 1 - Downloadable PDF

Pattern 2 - Downloadable PDF

Pattern 3 - Downloadable PDF

Pattern 1 - A - Downloadable PDF

Pattern 2 - A - Downloadable PDF

MM Pattern - Downloadable PDF

Learning The Trades

London Session - 11:05

New York Session - 5:08

Market Maker Setup - 9:47

The Style - 14:35

News - 12:03

News Review - 12:47

Fractionals - 6:15

Backtesting Pt. 1 - 15:00

Backtesting Pt. 2 - 22:18

Probability - 7:50

Bond Open - 30:09

Bond Open Live Ex: 4:16

Additional Teachings & Webinars

Wed. Live - 1:04:00

9/16 Teach - 55:51

9/09 Teach  - 58:04

9/14 Teach - 31:15

Monday Zoom - 56:00

Wednesday Zoom - 39:00

Live Session - 1:44:00

Review: 6:00

Monday Zoom - 48:00

Wednesday Zoom - 29:00

Ger30 Live - 1:20:00

Live Session - 1:01:00

Monday Zoom - 40:00

Wednesday Zoom - 45:10

LS3 - 21:26

LS4 - 2:21:22

Monday Zoom - 50:21

Wednesday Zoom - 51:00

Review - 13:50

Monday Zoom - 35:14

Wednesday Zoom - 50:00

Monday Zoom - 1:31:00

Wednesday Zoom - 24:00

Monday Zoom - 26:00

Wednesday Zoom - 50:00

Live Zoom - 25:00

Sept. 01 - 9:00

Sept. 02 - 48:16

Live Sep. 01 - 1:09

ETC. Continuing through December 2020

Downloads: Multiple Indicators, Trading Checklist, Time Conversion Sheet, and Trade Tracker

VIP Students

VIP Academy 

The Division One VIP Academy is designed for 1 year + experience OR profitable traders who want to learn to take their trading to the next level. This includes all Market Maker, and Hedge Fund styles of trading. This is designed for you to get a 1-on-1 experience with me week-in and week-out where we will work toward trading the basic rules and fundamentals of trade management for a $100,000 funded account.

The VIP Packages include a month by month $497 fee for the 1-on-1 mentorship, and the $1199 one-time fee for 3 months of 1-on-1 mentorship

For more info click to Learn More

August 11th, 2020

August 25th, 2020

VIP Video List:

VIP Library:

Intro - 9:13

Video 1 - 4:34

Video 2 - 3:40

Video 3 - 9:09

Video 4 - 5:21

Video 5 - 7:45

Video 6 - 5:57

Video 7 - 4:03

Video 8 - 6:59

Video 9 - 8:52

Video 10 - 4:06

Video 11 - 3:42

Video 12 - 3:36

Video 13 - 14:50

Video 14 - 7:37

Video 15 - 38:06

Video 16 - 7:09

Additional Teachings

Monday Zoom - 54:58

Wednesday Zoom - 25:09

Monday Zoom - 28:41

Wednesday - 59:15

Live Session 1 - 11:19

Live Session 2 - 2:04:14

Live Session 3 - 1:55:20

Monday Zoom - 37:55

Wednesday Zoom - 42:39

Live Session 4 - 10:06

Live Session 5 - 2:30:49

Student Test - 25:36

Monday Zoom - 40:14

Wednesday Zoom - 12:37

Monday Zoom - 40:28

Wednesday Zoom - 27:28

8/21 Zoom - 38:15

Additional Teachings

Monday Zoom - 31:23

Wednesday Zoom - 10:16

Monday Zoom - 23:05

Wednesday Zoom Review - 1:43

Live Session - 8:10

Monday Zoom - 46:44

Monday Zoom - 17:37

10/22 VIP Drill #1 - 38:26

10/28 Drill #2 & #3 - 47:49

11/02 Drill Review - 1:05:56

11/10 News Review - 16:02

Not Sure Where to Start?

Forex Newbie

If you are completely new to Forex trading, I always recommend starting with babypips.com. They offer a free course that covers all the basics of trading the market, and the market as a whole. They cover everything from technical and fundamental analysis to breaking down which brokers are right for you. I don't get anything from babypips.com, I just genuinely think it's a solid program.

You can also check out the Division One Trading YouTube page, or Kinzo Forex for free Forex tutorials.

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Free Division One Trading Lessons

Seasoned Forex Trader

If you have been trading Forex 6 months - 1 year I recommend the Division One Academy. This will teach you in-depth methods to trading technical analysis from top to bottom. We also teach fundamental analysis through reading the news. Then we blend these two forms of trading together to trade repeatable Price Action patterns. 

Advanced Forex Trader

If you have been trading Forex 1 year + I recommend the Division One VIP Academy, this comes with 1-on-1 mentorship that will help push you through the problems in trading that you may not even realize are there. We cover everything from the Division One Academy, but add a couple different approaches and strategies to it. We will also have 1-on-1 sessions that have a strict focus on risk management, compound interest, and in-depth price action strategies used by professional traders.

Typical Weekly Schedule

If you ever wish to cancel your monthly payment, please do so through your account on PayPal.com 

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